Website Reporting

Website Reporting

Would you like an SEO website report to know how your website stacks up against your competition, or how well you rank for your target keywords? How about learning about who is linking to you or about HTML code problems that may be hurting your search engine ranking?

Choose the report(s) that you need and give us a call with your site details and we will prepare your SEO report, email you the results and follow-up with any questions about the data on your report. In addition to our reporting services, Engines of creation offers SEO consultation services and website auditing for a more in-depth look at your website's performance.

We offer 6 standard SEO reports:

  • Competitive Analysis SEO Report - a complete look into your online competitors; links, rankings, keywords, domain strength and more to help you identify where you stand against your competition.
  • Search Engine Ranking Report - your rankings for your target keyword search terms for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask
  • Search Engine Indexation Report - shows which pages of your website are indexed, helps point out possible problems with your site architecture, linking or duplicate content.
  • Link Popularity Report - A report showing links pointing to your website and pages within your website. This can help you determine quality sources of traffic, possible bad neighbors, and establishes a baseline for future link building.
  • On Page Factors Report - This report will focus on issues related to site structure including H1, H2, H3 tags, list items,
  • Website Technical Audit - this report will focus on identifying technical problems with your website, such as: broken links, missing meta tags, missing alt-text, improper doc-type and more.

Use these reports to help your in-house marketing team and/or web developers to strengthen your website as well as to help understand how your website stacks up in search engines and against your online competition.

Do you need SEO guidance?

In addition to the written reports we offer our SEO consultation & Website Audit services. These audits focus on key search engine ranking factors; we explain our findings and even offer specific solutions to fix problems discovered during the review.

What if I Don't Have a Web Developer?

If you don't have an in-house staff we will gladly arrange to make any changes on your website. Pricing depends on our level of involvement in the process and whether you require an SEO specialist to guide you or perform the update. We offer full SEO services, from entire website optimization to site reviews, audits and reporting. Whichever service you choose, you can be assured that your website will be in the hands of qualified individuals with years of SEO experience.

If you would like to discuss our website reporting options or have further questions, please fill out our brief contact form or call us at: (518) 842-3242.