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blog design

Blogs are a powerful social media marketing tool that places the power of online publishing in your hands. Easily keep your website visitors, clients, potential clients and the internet community up to date about you, your company or your small business. Blogs allow you to reach out and interact within the social media realm with the ability to add your own unique blog content.

Engines of Creation can set your blog up to match your current website's design or create a custom theme from scratch. If a blog sounds good to you but you are on a tight budget, then take a look at our affordable website package program.

Some ideas for content you could add to your blog:

  • Company News
  • Press Releases & Media Statements
  • Product Announcements
  • Articles & Pages
  • Reader Tips & Tricks
  • Editorial Commentary
  • Upload Video, Audio, Pictures & More!

Blogs, a powerful social marketing tool

A Blog is a true social marketing tool, they empower you to entice your users and gain a group of engages readers by providing them with unique and fresh content, on your schedule and directly targeted to your visitors. We even offer services to help you keep your content up to date and exciting with blog content creation and SEO copywriting services.

Blogs feature a powerful set of tools to syndicate your content throughout the internet. Blogs have what are referred to as "feeds" or RSS feeds (What is an RSS Feed?). RSS easily allows your audience the ability to subscribe to your feed, and instantly be updated when you post information into your blog.

Blogs can be a powerful social media marketing tool for any small business. We specialize in working with WordPress, one of the most popular and feature rich blog platforms. Our custom WordPress Blog theme design services give you a unique design with the latest blogging technologies.

Take a look at some of the exciting WordPress Blog features:

  • Accept User Comments
  • Full User Registration
  • Password Protected Posts
  • Intelligent Text Formatting
  • Multiple Author Capability
  • Bookmarklets
  • Social Medial Sharing Tools
  • Over 8,000 Plugins!
  • Video, Audio, and Image Posting
  • and more...