Far Reaching Social Media Campaigns.

Social media allows brands to stay in touch with current customers and followers as well as find and cultivate new ones. Each social media platform has its benefits and values, and not all are ideal for every business. Engines of Creation can assist you with the selection, setup, strategy planning and management of your social media.


Facebook pages can help your business reach out to new customers, but most importantly Facebook pages are a powerful local SEO resource for people looking for local services to learn about your location, hours, phone number and services. We can help setup, design, provide fan acquisition and even manage your page.


Tweet your most recent happenings, sales, promos, questions and advice while reaching an audience that is highly tech/web savvy, loves to be on the move and appreciates sincere interaction and outreach. Create super fans and push your brand awareness with a professionally managed twitter presence.


Build your company or professional profile and reach more prospects in a highly buisness focused social media platform. LinkedIn has helped millions of companies; especially those focused on B2B sales find new customers and build a solid brand awareness & following.


Pinterest is a powerful social media website where users share and organize images of their favorite interests. Pinterest has helped businesses spread their brand awareness and direct visitors back to their websites, leading to more sales and generating more repeat customers and brand awareness.

Google +

Social site and local business resource Google+ has quickly grown and is a direct competitor to Facebook. As a Google product consumer, easily create personal profiles or add your business and build an audience by earning +1's from the network's users by sharing your latest content from your site, blog or more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a social technology, not as a true social network, but email marketing gives your network of customers, leads, and those interested in your content a way to subscribe and receive your most updated sales, promos and news right to their inbox. Email marketing is easily tracked, effective & profitable.

Why should I bother with social media?

If your business is online or if you are thinking about bringing your business online, one important step that most website owners skip is finding out where your customers spend their time online. The traditional advertising equivalent of this would be if you were targeting a physical location like a city, region or demographic for print advertising.

Because of a huge shift to social media and applications like twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, businesses have a unique opportunity to interact directly with their customers on a personal and professional level, establish a rapport and gain trust and followers.

We work with you to meet your goals.

Before you begin any type of social media marketing, consider hiring a professional company to help you develop a strategy that will tie in with your overall marketing goals for your website. Planning your social media strategy will allow you to focus on exactly your target consumer and spend less time and earn more business.

Keeping your profiles active is the key to success with social media. Neglecting profiles for several weeks or months because you are too busy running your business will eliminate any short-term benefit you may have seen SEO-wise or in sales. Depending on the profile age and current success, an active social media profile can take anywhere from 8 - 30 hrs./ month to maintain, that's for each account. Engines of Creation can help alleviate the burden of managing your profiles with-out sacrificing your social medial marketing goals.