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Montgomery County Business Development Center



The Montgomery County Business Development Center (MCBDC) is the premier agency dedicated to fostering economic growth and prosperity in Montgomery County, NY. With a focus on administering financial assistance, connecting employers with skilled workers, and providing valuable resources, the MCBDC plays a vital role in the counties business development. Unfortunately, their previous website wasn’t able to perform at the level the MCBDC felt was necessary to promote economic growth in the region. Navigating the website as well as locating important documents had become increasingly challenging and the sites design and content no longer reflected the counties core mission.

Montgomery County Business Development Center (MCBDC) Home Page


As with all projects, understanding the mission of the MCBDC and its goals were crucial in the discovery phase of their site redesign.This understanding forms the foundation of the project and ensures the new site meets the goals defined by the Montgomery County Business Development Center. Through productive meetings with MCBDC staff we assessed the strengths and weaknesses of their previous website and gained a deep understanding of what their new website needs to deliver to the business community.

Following a thorough discovery phase, we meticulously outlined every aspect of the project, and created a uncluttered design with ample white space that creates an inviting user experience. The consistent use of the county’s brand colors and sleek icons gives the site a cohesive, professional look while carefully planned call to actions help visitors find the information they seek as efficiently as possible. The sites navigation was completely re-imagined with simplicity in mind. Menu items are now clear and descriptive with important areas of the site given prominent placement.

We chose WordPress to power the new website due to its dependability, ease of use and flexibility, which allows the MCBDC staff to maintain every aspect of the website with little to no training. Every facet of the website, from its design and layout to its content and imagery, is easily editable in-house by county staff. This diminishes the need to rely on third parties to update and maintain the website.

The home page of the website was created to be more dynamic and effectively highlights key information and features clear calls to action like “Let’s Work Together”. Custom interactive maps, news and events and clear service offerings capture visitors attention and guide users toward the most sought after information.

Four stunning landing pages were created each highlighting one of Montgomery County’s key industries. The landing pages elegantly showcase the benefits of doing business in Montgomery County, NY, enticing business owners and developing industries to relocate to the county. Complete with critical business information and statistics, interactive maps, local business owner testimonials, and business incentive information, these landing pages attract new businesses and essential jobs to the region.

Multiple custom content management systems were also created to extend WordPress and make it easy for the MCBDC staff to maintain high value portions of their website. The new Public Documents section is a perfect example of this. MCBDC staff can now easily upload, categorize and manage documents and media files to one central location allowing visitors to find the information they seek quickly and efficiently by category or by using the custom real time search feature.

Designed and developed with mobile visitors in mind the new MCBDC website adapts seamlessly across screen sizes to ensure a consistent experience across devices. In addition, the new site is integrated with a robust Content Delivery Network (CDN), edge caching and our managed WordPress hosting to ensure the fastest load times, even while mobile.

To ease the burden of training and maintaining the website we provide ongoing comprehensive support, hosting, software updates, and enhanced security, resulting in significant time and cost savings through reduced training and IT expenses.

With its modern design, intuitive navigation, engaging homepage, a wealth of resources, and prominent CTAs, the MCBDC website makes it easy for business owners to find the services and information they need to grow and invest in Montgomery County and support economic growth.

Montgomery County Business Development Center (MCBDC) Public Documents and Mobile Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics Page


Like Montgomery County, the new website is more than visually appealing; its strengths and features run deep. Since its launch, the Montgomery County Business Development Center website has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both site visitors and MCBDC staff. The intuitive user experience for businesses seeking information to grow, invest, and relocate to Montgomery County, NY has allowed visitors to find information faster, and with less interactions with MCBDC staff. Employees of the MCBDC are able to maintain the website more regularly with less time spent on simple tasks which allows them to spend more time to promote Montgomery County, NY.



Working with Engines of Creation is great, Dan and Paul saw the vision that we were going for and really helped bring that to life through this website. We believe that this site provides residents a lot of information about the business community and will help our mission of attracting businesses and jobs to the county.”
Ken Rose

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