Search Engine Optimization That Gets You Found.

Since 2005 we have been helping website owners in the Albany area and nationally build a solid SEO foundation and assisting with achieving search engine placement for their products, local services, destinations & businesses along with experienced SEO guidance.

SEO roadmap that delivers.

Let us help you plan your SEO strategy, focused on delivering what matters most to businesses, more revenue at less cost. We will work directly with your business to understand what you do, your revenue streams, and who your core customer is to build a roadmap to success.

A proven track record.

Our core philosophy at Engines of Creation has been that successful clients will help us become successful. We have an honest SEO approach backed by over 10 years experience and a solid track record of helping improve site traffic, revenue and an extremely high devotion to customer service.

Proven SEO services that deliver real results.

Website review.

Would you like an SEO website report to see how your website stacks up against your competition, or how you rank for your target keywords? How about learning about who is linking to you or about HTML code problems that may be hurting your search engine ranking? Contact us for an SEO site review.

Keyword research.

Simply selecting random keywords for your site isn't good enough if you want to be competitive and achieve top placements. Don't waste your time targeting zero traffic keywords, extremely competitive or un-realistic search terms and identify niche opportunities. Our keyword research can help target top keywords, with the highest qualified traffic and lowest competition for your keyword/key phrase.

Local search.

Why should your local business be concerned about local search? Because if your not targeting a national audience, your customers are looking for local services using local search operators, local search databases and portals like Google+, Facebook Pages, review sites like Yelp, and online Yellow Pages and other locally focused directories.

What is local search?

Content development.

Engines of Creation can help you create a content strategy for your website, blog or link building campaign. Compelling content can win links and generate a steady stream of qualified traffic to your website or blog. Naturally acquired links are the search signals that can boost your website into better search engine positions and push towards winning that coveted page one spot on Google.

Targeted Email campaigns.

Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs when done right. With an average 40:1 ROI, an investment in creating, managing and developing an email marketing strategy is a huge win, especially for eCommerce and product based companies. Engines of Creation can design beautiful emails, test their performance, make them mobile friendly and help you track their success.

Read more about our targeted email campaigns.

Conversion rate optimization.

If your website is getting traffic, what that traffic does on your site is extremely important to your bottom line. Improving the conversions on your site, whether it be email sign-ups, sales, customer contacts or downloads, is a winning tactic. If your site gets 10,000 visitors/mo. capturing just 1% more could mean 100 more sales, leads and potential lifetime clients with lifetime revenue potential.

On page & technical optimization.

Your site should be technically sound, free of errors and set up with current SEO practices in mind. On page optimization focuses on fixing technical SEO propblems as well as researching the best keywords for each webpage that you would like to have rank for keywords/key phrases.

PPC & retargeting.

PPC or Pay Per Click ads on networks like Google AdWords can increase brand awareness and bring new clients & sales without having to rank for competitive keyword search terms. PPC combined with a retargeting campaign can re-market to previous site visitors off your site to bring them back.