Linda Fields Real Estate, Our Latest Real Estate Website

It has been a exciting year so far at Engines of Creation we have had the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing people on a fantastic assortment of projects. Our latest real estate website project “Linda Fields Real Estate” is one we are very excited to have been a part of and even more excited to show off.

Linda contacted us to create a website for her rapidly growing real estate clientele in New Hampshire. She was looking for a real estate website that was easy to maintain, showcased her property listings and made it easy for prospective home buyers or sellers to contact her, all while looking great across multiple devices and platforms.

After a lot of discussion, planning and development we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We chose WordPress as the foundation for development of the website and to power her real estate listings we utilized IDX Broker, truly a match made in heaven. Both WordPress and IDX Broker are easy to use, maintain and have the added benefit of providing real time updates to site visitors instantly, not to mention making it easy for Linda to market her services, both SEO wise and through terrestrial marketing. Special care was taken to ensure that all of her content not only looks great across a multitude of screen sizes, but the website is just as easy to use on an iPhone or Android device as it is on a desktop computer.

linda-fieldsI returned to Dan and Paul to design my second website with them because of the great experience I had with the first one! The second design flowed seamlessly; they really paid attention to the details and essence of what I wanted to project; and their work sheet extracted that. Completely in touch with cutting edge ideas and design technology; I feel my website might even be considered a work of art!

We regularly scheduled weekly phone meetings to discuss progress and updates. Dan and Paul answered my questions with knowledge and understanding; I had a “final walk through” with Paul and he completely explained the ins and outs of how to operate my website. Afterwards, I had a lengthy discussion with Dan  on what I wanted to accomplish with my website and he completely designed a personal package to fit my needs.

Their designs are fresh, innovative, crisp and clean; their customer service impeccable, their dedication is to exceeding expectations.

PS…they like challenge!

With much appreciation,

So far the response has been fantastic and we invite you to visit Linda Fields Real Estate and let us know what you think.

Paul Langevin

Paul is passionate about designing and developing websites and has been creating websites since 2002 for his company Engines of Creation Web Design & SEO. Paul is typically working on a bazillion things at once, but usually finds the time to chat it up on Twitter.

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