Local SEO - Connecting Customers & Local Businesses

Whether you are a restaurant owner, contractor, service professional or retail store, your business needs to reach LOCAL customers to make money. Local SEO focuses on strategies to grow your local business by building local citations, growing customer reviews, increasing customer engagement and building customer loyalty.

Impact of Local Search

If you a small business anywhere, your website and business is impacted by local search. The importance of local search for small businesses cannot be overstated. Even in our local Albany, NY area, local businesses and services are given priority in the search results, and most often than not, search results are displayed in special containers like map packs, images carousels with photos from customers as well as ratings, reviews, hours and other useful and relevant content.

Local Relevancy

Search engines return results that they find most relevant, based on the keyword and the proximity of that business to your search location. Relevancy is key here, and this relevancy is established by a combination of local search factors that for the most part, you as a business owner have the full ability to control and improve. Engines of Creation can provide the expertise and tools to make a difference in the local visibility and appearance of your business.

Local SEO Marketing Services & Strategy

Engines of Creation offers the following local SEO services for your business to reach new local customers. We offer our local SEO services a-la carte, but we highly recommend one of our local marketing packages. Call us at (518) 842-3242 to learn more.

Responsive Website Design

Your website needs to be mobile, tablet and desktop/laptop friendly. Today's consumer switches between multiple devices throughout the day. Your website should be professional and focused on making you money.

Local Listing Management & Citation Building

There are hundreds of sites to list your business information, we focus on the top sites and offer you a way to easily update, manage and claim your listings and eliminate errors like old website addresses, business name inconsistencies, phone numbers, and incorrect addresses.

Review & Reputation Management

The foundation of any business is your reputation. Positive reviews for your business are the bedrock that can boost sales, make your ad dollars go further and pull advertising dollars out of your competitions pockets. Having great reviews, and the ability to request, curate and respond to reviews will build your business foundation and communication.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization & Tracking

Even though you are local, having an optimized website which is free of technical issues like speed and broken links, as well as proper keywords and website content can help you gain higher rankings. A successful Local SEO strategy includes an optimized, responsive website.

Email Marketing & Customer Loyalty

Email marketing can have a profound impact on local business. Email can be used to keep you relevant, inform customers of sales and events, increase recency and frequency of visits both online and offline and be part of a larger customer loyalty strategy.

Read more about our targeted email campaigns.

Social Posting & Social Strategy

Keep you customers up to date and engaged with social posting, event notifications, and more. Social media can keep you connected to your customers, allow you to increase your voice and engage users on a consistant schedule.

On page & technical optimization.

Your site should be technically sound, free of errors and set up with current SEO practices in mind. On page optimization focuses on fixing technical SEO propblems as well as researching the best keywords for each webpage that you would like to have rank for keywords/key phrases.

Digital Advertising (PPC), Retargeting, and Social Ads

Digittal advertising campaigns that focus on delivering more store visits, phone calls and appointments are key for local businesses. Our digital ad campaigns focus on customer aquisition, brand awareness and Return on Investment (ROI).

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The Basics of Current Local SEO Ranking Factors

Understanding how Local SEO Works isn't difficult, if you don't feel like navigating the many nuances of local search simply give us a call at (518) 842-3242 and we can help.


Your physical address is the most difficult to control and will be used to determine your proximity for search results. Unless you have multiple locations, you cannot be in two locations. While you can define yourself as serving an area of business, physical location seems to be a greater factor as well as proximity to centroid (which is not always defined as the city center and can be more complex).

Consistent NAP Citations

NPA or Name, Address, Phone establishes your location. It is important that your business information on your website, social profiles, directories etc. is accurate and consistent.

We have seen many businesses and clients have inconsistent addresses and business names. Fixing this can be tedious, but for your business and your customers as well as search engines this is very important.

Good Example of Consistent NAP Citations:

Bob's Towing Service
121 Bigbob Rd.
City, NY 12345
(518) 555-1212

Bad Example of Consistent NAP Citations:

Bob's Towing & Hauling Service - (alternate business name)
121 Bigbob Road - (inconsistent address formatting)
City, NY 12111 - (wrong zip code)
1-800-Big-Bobs - (no local number and/or different number)
No URL Listed - (missing domain name, missed opportunity)

Quality of Citations & Authority

A citation is essentially a mention or reference to your business. Examples and good places to grow your citations are your Google+ page for business, business listings in sites like the yellow pages & other trusted verticals, high quality niche directories and local domains (like your local newspaper website, or chamber of commerce, etc.). The building of these citations have been show to be important factors in getting your website to the top results of local search. In addition to having consistent NAP listings it is also important to focus on building citations which are of high quality and content rich and if possible owner verified.

Business Categorization

When creating citations like Google My Business (also known as Google Places for Business or Google+Local) Associating your business with the proper categories which people will find your business is extremely important. Your category chosen will not only classify your business, it will align those related keywords with your business. If you were a mason or masonry company, you wouldn't categorize yourself under masory supply, a more accurate and appropriate location would be masonry contractor, this is where your customers are searching.

Domain Authority and Inbound Links

Your website is ranked based on many factors, but establishing your domain as an authority is helpful when looking to rank in organic and local search results. Your domain authority is a ranking metric which is predictive of how your website will rank compared to other websites. Having high quality inbound links from sources like local directories, citations in publications and blogs in the form of articles, consistent social media mentions and shares are all ways which can which serve to boost your authority. It is important to point out that citations of high quality aren't bought, artificially crafted, but generated from good content development strategies, marketing and local and nationally exposure.

Business Reviews and Quantity

This does not comprise all the know ranking factors affecting local search, but the core of the factors to help your website perform well. As a local business doing local sales and service, your focus should be on local. Good on page SEO, good design, good search engine friendly code and other technical SEO items must not be ignored. Local SEO focuses much on outside ranking factors like citations, but the home front is your website and your business.

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